Smart Converter

Smart Converter

Easy conversion tool for your Pocket PC


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of conversions


  • Unattractive
  • Units are not comprehensive

Not bad

If you travel a lot, as PDA users often do, working out the value of various measures and currencies can be annoying. Traveling between continental Europe, Britain and the USA you'll come across tons of different measurements. Smart Converter is a simple application that instantly gives you the conversion you want.

There is a broad range of conversions, from speed, length and weight, to fuel consumption and currency conversion (the rates can be updated through your network or added manually). The appearance is functional rather than pretty, but the results are good.

A problem with Smart Converter is that the choice of some of the values are, to be honest, quite archaic. I can't imagine being in a place with my mobile while needing to work out how long a 'league' or 'cubit' is. Also, while there are US measurements, it doesn't include some British units. The currency converter doesn't update automatically, which is a shame with this type of application.

Smart Converter is a useful tool for anyone who often needs to accurately convert different units of measure.

Smart Converter


Smart Converter

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