Smart Converter

Smart Converter 2.0.1

Video conversion at its most basic


  • Compatible with most file formats
  • Predefined profiles for various devices
  • Fast and effective conversion


  • No advanced options
  • No support foor adding subtitles


Smart Converter is a very easy to use and simple audio and video converter app for OS X.

When opened, Smart Converter is a single windowed app that you simply drag your media file into for it to be converted. You then choose from a range of profiles, based on devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. Smart Converter has additional support for Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, among others.

Click convert and Smart Converter will proceed completely automatically. You don't need to worry about formats or bit rates - the file will simply be converted so it can play on your chosen device. While this simplicity is admirable, Smart Converter is not without problems.

There are various conversion speeds, which are chosen automatically depending on the source file. Slow speeds really are slow! Secondly, sometimes conversions fail, and no reason is given as to why which is very frustrating. Lastly, the total lack of conversion configuration will leave more advanced users cold, and really makes Smart Converter feel too basic. Try Media Converter for a better simple app, or iFFmpeg for a more advanced and complete conversion app.

Smart Converter is extremely easy to use, but it's not always successful, can be slow and has no options for power users.

Smart Converter


Smart Converter 2.0.1

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